This season’s styles were inspired by the concept of togetherness. Months of COVID-19 isolation can take a heavy toll on mental health, and this collection gave us all something to look forward to. A time to gather with our friends, to laugh with one another, to enjoy the sun and remember that things will be normal again some day. At Inherent Clothier, we put our hope in upcoming opportunities to gather in celebration and our energy into creating brightly colored, durable suits made for rolling up your sleeves to dive into every moment.


custom men's suits


custom men's suits


custom men's suits


custom men's suits




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custom men's suits

We are strong. We are courageous. We will overcome.

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Welcoming Janie Bryant.

In this episode of Dressing for Wellness, Taylor (Inherent Clothier CEO) talks to Janie Bryant, a new part-owner of Inherent Clothier. They discuss Janie’s background in costume design for film and TV and how she discovered her passion for menswear. Janie also shares her views on contemporary menswear, cultivating confidence in yourself, and more. They even share some details on their upcoming collection, which Janie & Taylor designed together!

custom men's suits

Episode Highlights:

  • Janie is now a part owner of Inherent Clothier, and she has wanted to design a menswear collection for years.
  • As a costume designer on shows like Mad Men, Janie has seen firsthand how men realize the impact a well-fitted suit can have on their confidence.
  • You can take pride in your appearance no matter how much money you have.
  • You can turn a suit into a more casual, everyday look by wearing a t-shirt under the jacket or pairing a sport coat with jeans.
  • Janie got involved with Inherent Clothiers when her agent looked into the company and they discussed the possibility of collaborating.
  • Janie believes menswear badly needed an update in the way Inherent Clothier is making it modern.
  • To Janie, a modern interpretation of formalwear is the flexibility to wear a dinner jacket with jeans, and to otherwise mix and match.
  • Their upcoming collection has formalwear, shirts, all-season suits, and you are able to mix and match all the pieces.
  • Janie studied fashion design in college and moved to France when she graduated with the dream of becoming a famous fashion designer.
  • Once she moved to New York, she ended up in social circles with a lot of film people and learned about costume design.
  • Janie was working on a music video and the director told her to believe in her choices and to believe in herself; she hadn’t even realized she was doubting herself, but that advice has stuck with her.

Notable Quotes:

  • “There’s so many combinations, and you can really turn the suit into something that used to be, in older generations, a formal thing, into just an everyday, casual thing.” –Janie Bryant
  • “I truly believe that enlightenment and joyfulness is optimal to live a great life. So how do you get to that place? You get to that place through great mental health.” –Janie Bryant
  • “Being yourself and having confidence and faith in yourself is the most magical thing you can do.” –Janie Bryant

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