The Ellington Suit: An Introduction

There is a very specific grief that coincides with losing something you were supposed to be promised. The loss of a life. The loss of the life you’d had planned. Plainly, simply, painfully, loss.

One such loss occurred on January 9, 2020. 8:25 pm.

Steven De La Rochè is our art director. On January 9, 2020, at 8:25 pm, his daughter, Ellington, was stillborn. She had lost her heartbeat some time before being brought into this world.

That very specific grief, heavy like bricks, painful in a way you will never understand until you feel it, sunk into the De La Rochè family.

But just like our blog regarding suicide awareness, grief can not be made beautiful. It is raw. Messy. It tears at your heartstrings. You come out of it a different person than you were before. Shedding us of our former reality, forcing us into stomaching our new one. It’s an ugly, painful process that, like any loss, should not and cannot be sugar coated.

Because, for too long, we have been so heavily taught to sugar coat it. If you make it sound nicer, it’s easier for other people to be around. If you make it sound less earth-shattering, it’s your weight to carry, not someone else’s. But when you’re already carrying so much, shouldn’t you have people there willing to help you?

custom men's suits

The short answer to this question is that there is no short answer. We hope you do. We hope Steven did. In fact, it was his ability to be open and honest about his emotions, to answer plainly about the pain he was in, that was one of the many reasons we decided to name this suit after his beautiful daughter.

Loss is so commonly, so consistently felt and experienced across the world. In America alone, a recent study revealed that 57% of Americans are living with grief in some capacity. Everyone is so used to stuffing it down, that the brave act of opening up about it alone is worth honoring. But also, the team at Inherent Clothier is more like family than we are coworkers. At least, we try to be. The loss of Ellington De La Rochè was felt by so many, and this is a small way to honor her life, that was gone too soon, and the messy, painful, hard-to-watch emotions that came along with it.

To read more about this from Steven’s perspective, read his blog about opening up to loved ones and reflecting after this loss.


“10% to 17% of men will develop major depression at some point in their lives. Moreover, depression may be more deadly for men than for women. Depression is a key risk factor for suicide, and four times as many men compared with women die from suicide.”-Harvard Health Publishing

Introducing the Ellington Suit. Designed to empower men to openly talk about depression in their lives. This piece is made from luxury english fabric milled in Huddersfield England. This is a 3-piece suit.

The lining of this suit is a photograph taken by our Art Director Steven De La Roché. We chose the humble koi fish to represent overcoming adversity, to encourage us all that we’re not facing adversity alone, and it’s okay to talk about.

The jacket is a 2 button single breast with notch lapel, flap pockets with dark brown suede piping, and a single vent.
The vest is a double breast, notch lapel, with our custom koi fish photograph lining on the back.
The pants have back flap pockets, and a ticket pocket on the front.

100% Luxury Corduroy Cotton

365 Grams

12 Wale

Shop our Ellington Suit and our other Autumntide pieces here. and, as Steven says: “Sharing whatever you’re feeling with someone you trust, whether that be your partner, counselor, friend or family member, can be terrifying, but I assure you that if you have the courage to lead with vulnerability, lower your walls, and invite others into your life who are trusted and love you for who you are, you can overcome any adversary life throws at you.”