Terms Of Service

All customers must read and agree to the Terms Of Service set out in this agreement before ordering. These Terms Of Service between the customer (you) and Inherent Clothier will be in effect until such notice of change is given.

Time frame: As much as we try to keep our delivery times within 4-6 weeks, we cannot absolutely guarantee this for every order – being handmade and customized goods, occasionally fabric will be out of stock that results in slower than usual delivery. As a guide only, our products are usually delivered within 4-6 weeks, and during periods of peak demand this may increase to 6-7 weeks. For wedding groups, please order at least 8 weeks in advance to allow enough time. 

The end measurements of each garment may be adjusted according to the fit selected by you (loose, regular, and slim fit). There can be a slight variance from the stated measurements of up to 2 cm due to being handmade – as a customer you acknowledge that each suit you order, (whether the suits are from the same purchase,) will not be exactly the same. Please specify your requirements during alteration.

Alterations: If alterations are required and we judge that it was our tailoring team that is at fault, we will offer free of charge alteration. We will only alter our own clothes, within 3 weeks from the day you receive your garments.

Colors: Each batch of fabric may be slightly different, compared to the sample we have from the suppliers. If you have any concerns please contact us before we start the production process for your garments.

Multiple orders: If you are a new client and would like to order more than one of the same item, our practice would be to create one item first to make sure it fits you well. After you are happy with the first item then we can produce the rest. Of course, in these cases we will try to expedite your order, however this is not a promise. Our standard time-frame will still apply by default.