Custom Tailored Suits

the new way to secure a perfect fit


Break Away From Traditional

With handmade tailoring and fabrics from the best mills in the world, you need a guarantee your clothing is going to fit perfectly.

If you need alterations, we'll cover them for your first suit. You've got them for your first suit. You've got nothing to lose. Our garments are built to last a lifetime.

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Inherent Custom Shirt Club

Every month, get a completely custom shirt made to your body that you can't find anywhere else!

Our Clothiers will design this shirt for you based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Fit Guaranteed

Tell us your shirt size, or schedule an appointment with us we will determine your size for you.


Stylish. Custom. Yours.

We want every man to be dressed for life and to feel equipped, enabled and empowered.


Suited for Wellness, Dressed for life.

Inherent Clothier helps men build a fully functional, versatile wardrobe that awakens inherent inner confidence and authentic self-expression.


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Suited for Wellness, Dressed for Life.