Mental Health Moments

It was a pleasure to sit down with my friend David Galvan over at Education for a Lifetime. We were able to talk about what mental health means to us, why it matters, and what we can all do to stay a little saner in these crazy times. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on the topic below.

DAVID: Okay, hello everyone thank you so much for being a part of another Mental Health Moment with Education for a Lifetime. My name is David Galvan and I have the privilege and honor of bringing on one of my friends here that has been working in this community and actually as being be gonna startup here in regards to mental wellness and how we dress. And this is our friend here Taylor Draper, man I’m so blessed and honored to have you on the show, I’m so grateful so thank you for being a part of today. I can’t wait to hear what you guys are doing and what’s going on, but before we get there, I love to let everybody in on how we are as humans. And, some of that is just what have you been doing during quarantine what’s something that you’re like ‘I never thought I would have to do’ but now since I’ve been quarantined or this coronavirus has been around like what have you been doing 

TAYLOR: Yeah, well thanks for having me on the show man I really appreciate it I’m excited to be here. So some of the things that I’ve been doing in quarantine that I didn’t think that I’d have to deal with is a lot of interruption […] the kids coming in WHILE I’m on a Zoom call setting up deals and they’re just screaming. 

D: That is so relatable to everybody you know like there is an interruption and even this work from home like this work from home thing like, you see things you know I got to clean that up or I got to do this. And I should, but should I be on the computer and standing at my desk today, and so there’s a lot of things happening along there! You know, when you and I met you were having this idea that you’re putting together and formulating you just started your company and so and I was like – man from a mental health standpoint this is phenomenal. So what you guys are doing so tell us a little bit about that man.

T: Yeah thanks so the company is called Inherent Clothier or just Inherent, and basically what we do is we connect confidence to clothing. And then the confidence that you get from this clothing is used as a tool to be able to combat the struggles of everyday life. Such as, like, depression, anxiety, and self-doubt things that we all go through on a day-to-day basis. And we as men are usually taught to stuff it down by “manning up” or “be a man” and things like that. Like all these toxic phrases so we’re trying to just change the conversation around that and just get rid of those phrases and give you the confidence to be able to take these things on. And this came from my own personal story of when I was in probably the darkest time of my life a couple of years ago, the only thing that made me feel better it was dressing well in the morning and being able to put my suit on and be able to just dress well and then take on the day. What I realized was this sliver of confidence that I was getting in the morning every day was helping me deal with everything else that’s going on in my life. The depression, the anxiety, the pressure from work, the pressure to provide for the family, the pressure to keep employees paid. Like, just having a little bit of confidence at least I got my foot in the door of being able to deal with it, and sometimes that’s all you need is just a little bit of a push. That’s where we started here at and @inherentclothier on Instagram. But we really want to just bring awareness to the fact that everybody deals with these things, and your first inclination shouldn’t be to stuff it down, it should be to talk to somebody about it. It should be to talk to your spouse, to talk to your friend, your teacher, whoever it might be – just talk about it. That’s all it takes.

D: That’s awesome man, so I love this concept that says if I can just get dressed, it could open up the conversation. Or give me the confidence to open up the conversation to what I’m actually navigating inside on mental health. Yeah oh my goodness, so like bring me into that world so what is it about dressing up that does that for you?

T: Yeah so it’s honestly, you know it’s not a narcissistic thing at all. It’s just like when you look good, you feel good and there’s actual science behind it. So what I started to realize this kind of concept and work it out with some of my buddies that helped me start this company is that there’s science behind not only discussing clothing but suits in general. And then we’re just kind of like nicer clothes and I’m not talking about streetwear or anything like that, but just nicer clothing gives you more confidence. And when you have more confidence, it’s clinically proven that depression and anxiety and self-doubt specifically and a lot more things get easier to deal with. Because you can overcome those things when you’re feeling this confident even if it’s at the smallest of scales. 

D: Yeah and I think it’s interesting because even right now what we’ve seen with this quarantine and all of these kinds of guidelines and restrictions being lifted a little bit, some of the immediate places that people went were: “Let’s go get my haircut done I’ve got to get my nails done.” These things that are like a tribute to getting dressed up and getting cleaned up. We were on a call the other day with somebody and she said one of the greatest things now that these restrictions have been lifted is “I get ready for work.” And the power of just getting

ready. So what made you guys choose suits, why suits because I’m not in the suit game yet, but what’s the suit game about tell me about what got you there. 

T: Yes I imagine, and so the great thing about it is actually it’s actually more like a really personal preference for me. It’s just one of the things that I started doing because I was really into the streetwear scene. And then when I went through these really difficult times I just wanted to feel good about myself so the first place I turned to was a suit. So I started looking at how to dress in a suit in my own style. Which is another thing we really help you with and help you promote is like finding your own style because one – and this is my point. One of the things I love about suits is there’s so much history behind suits. It goes all the way back to Prince of Wales, King Edward, all of those it’s like there’s just so much history in suits that you don’t teach anymore. Like, men in the 50s would teach their son ‘hey your lapels should be this width because your shoulders are this width’. And ‘you should have this kind of buttons’ like the fathers would teach their sons that. And they’d introduce them to their tailors and their tailors were a huge part of their family at that point, just like a barber that you go to. That was a huge part of it and we’ve kind of lost that as a culture in the last thirty years and so we’re trying to bring that back and bring that history back. And be your confidant for mental health and be also your personal stylist to help you find and bring out your best self. And help you find what that means and what that looks like in the sartorial world.

D: Yeah that’s amazing, so you’re essentially – your business and Inherent Clothier is actually customizing suits to fit your personality to bring you into a world. So that you can navigate the things that are going on – that depression, that self-doubt, that anxiety. So this is really essentially a coping skill amazing. Like even right now as we see these restrictions lift, like how amazing would it be to say – hey I’m gonna get a suit. Like I’ve not been feeling well mentally and just from a coping level, it might be a time for me to get that suit and see what that feels like. And put that confidence back in and really be a coping skill mechanism for myself as I go through that. Oh my goodness, that’s amazing even students could do this. I mean students like getting ready. That’s why I think getting ready for the first day of school is always one of the most powerful things ever. You always lay that outfit out, you’re like ready to put that on because you walk with confidence in the midst of that. That’s pretty amazing man 

T: Yeah actually I think students have a huge opportunity to do that now especially I’m not saying you should show up to school in a full suit but there’s so much variety you could. There’s so much versatility it’s like you know, I think that’s what a lot of people don’t recognize. That we’re starting to be a little bit more open to these days is that a suit doesn’t mean you’re stuffy. A suit doesn’t mean you’re ready for business. A suit means you’re confident about yourself and a suit means you care about your appearance. So with students specifically like one of the things I really like to tell kind of the younger generation is if you get a suit, wear a jacket with a shirt and jeans. Like, wear the slacks with the sweater like you don’t have to always put it together. There’s so many amazing options that will just push your look to the next level and give you that confidence still, but still be young and portray who you are as in your style 

D: You know that’s amazing. That alone in itself especially in the times that we’re at as we’ve been doing these mental health moments, just the idea the thing that I’m hearing you say is the idea to get ready. Like actually put on an outfit for the day and get ready for your day is essential to your mental health. It is vital to combat the anxiety, the self-doubt, and all these things. And the suit is great because it just has that personal touch and is great for interviews. This is great for job searches, college applications, all those types of things so man, I love it. I love it, I’m in. You almost have convinced me to get a suit that is custom-tailored to myself so I think I’m in. I’m gonna try this week coming up and dress it up and then see what that feels like. So that’ll be awesome man, I appreciate you letting us into your world. How can people find you?

T: So or just @inherentclothier for Instagram. Our main places that we kind of live are the website and our Instagram. 

D: So people can get on there, they can customize a suit, they can learn more about how you guys are combating and working with mental health and the wellness of individuals. That is awesome, man well I appreciate you being on our show I appreciate how sharp you are. Man you look sharp today, look at that smile across your face you can’t advertise better than that. Thanks for being a part of our mental health moments. Students, parents, families, individuals, businessmen whoever’s watching this – I hope that you jump on to or catch them on Instagram. Get on there and see the ways that this is impacting the lives around everyone. And so thank you for being a part of our community, thank you for jumping into this sector of wellness and saying – Hey my personal story has impacted me and getting on a suit man I thank you for sharing that with us.

T: I really appreciate that, yeah I’m looking forward to seeing you soon man. 

D: Oh man, well it’ll be happening around that corner. Well, thank you so much, thanks for being a part of the show, thanks for viewing and thanks for jumping on. Don’t forget to check us out at for any other resources that you need. We look forward to hearing from you.