Taylor Draper is the CEO and co-founder of Inherent Clothier, an online custom menswear shop that is both a personal stylist and a mental health awareness movement. Built on Draper’s own struggles with depression, Inherent Clothier designs modern-day “suits of armor” that awaken the inner confidence to battle anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt. Following a troubled childhood in Anchorage, Alaska, Draper reached the age of 15 weighing over 300 pounds and diagnosed with clinical depression. At 16, he and his mother relocated to Colorado Springs, where Draper found the courage to make a fresh start and get healthy – both physically and mentally. A natural entrepreneur, he left home at the earliest opportunity to establish a website and graphic design company at age 18, where he learned the basics of business-building, marketing, and brand development.

In 2017, after years of demanding 60-hour work weeks, Draper found himself battling crippling self-doubt, struggling with weight gain, and facing divorce. In order to save himself and his marriage, Draper sought healing and support through extensive counseling and found confidence in the most surprising of places: his wardrobe. “I realized that caring for myself and my appearance gave me the confidence to fight, helping me build strength to pick up the pieces of a broken marriage and begin to repair.” Along with suit designer Dace Miller and logistics expert Ian Lee, Draper established an online custom suit store where men could shop affordable luxury styles in the comfort of their own home. Today, the company actualizes the idea that when you look good, you really do feel good. But the larger goal for Draper is normalizing feelings of anxiety, depression, or self-doubt while sparking honest conversation around mental health, ultimately giving men the confidence and courage to speak out.

“My mission will not be complete until phrases like ‘walk it off’ or ‘man up’ are extinct from our vocabulary and every man’s first instinct is to open up about feelings of overwhelm or depression without shame, guilt, or fear.” Through Inherent Clothier, Draper helps men build fully functional, versatile wardrobes that awaken confidence and authentic self-expression. The company also partners with local and national organizations working to empower individuals and communities to speak openly about mental health. A fan of MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, and Formula 1, Draper recharges by adding to his collection of nearly 100 fine whiskeys and spending time with his family. Get a first look at upcoming events, collaborations, and new collections on Instagram @InherentClothier. Suited for wellness. Built for confidence.

To your wellness,

The Inherent Team