The Launch of Our Summertide Collection

Summer 2020: The Summertide Collection

This season’s styles were inspired by the concept of togetherness,. Months of COVID-19 isolation can take a heavy toll on mental health, and this collection gave us all something to look forward to. A time to gather with our friends, to laugh with one another, to enjoy the sun, and remember that things will be normal again someday. At Inherent Clothier, we put our hope in upcoming opportunities to gather in celebration and our energy into creating brightly colored, durable suits made for rolling up your sleeves to dive into every moment.

This collection has some exciting firsts, beautiful colors, and unique inspirations. Keep reading as we walk through each piece of the collection and the new exciting offerings we have for you.

custom men's suits

One of the biggest differences we’ve made is offering separates. That means if you love one of our suits, but you find yourself wearing single pieces like a custom pair of trousers or a jacket, you can finally snag either one. You can see that on our shop, and be sure to keep an eye out as we continue to release more separate options for all of your needs.

As always, you can purchase the two-piece (or create your own with our Suit Designer), including any of our new, Summertide exclusive pieces.

custom men's suits

Each piece of our Summertide Collection was inspired by something vastly different. For example, The Summertide Café Sage Green Double Breasted was inspired by the energetic landscape and greenery of Florence, Italy. 

Inspired by the classic Kentucky Derby suits of the 1930s, The Summertide Vintage Off-white 3-Button Hopsack suit is a callback to the beautiful, extravagant suits of eras past that’s modified to fit the modern style. 

The Summertide Timeless Tan with White Windowpane Single Breasted was inspired by a menswear event in Atlanta Georgia, and was designed to represent the true timelessness of summer. (With a really fun pattern to boot). 

Featuring light colors and constructed to be completely unlined, The Summertide Modernist Blush Single Breasted was inspired by a vintage wedding in the desert, utilizing unique colors and warm tones. 

Finally, The Summertide Café Baby Blue with Mint + Navy Plaid is an anchor for the entire collection with a playful fabric crafted for epic adventures.

Take a look at our entire collection of suits and separates here and, when you can, embrace a bit of togetherness with the people that you love. The connection in human relationships is one of the strongest happiness-boosters around, so find it where you can. Seek it out safely, and in the meantime, you can keep up with Inherent Clothier by following us on Instagram or liking us on Facebook.