Inherent Clothier Featured on California Apparel News

Inherent Clothier had the pleasure of speaking to the team at California Apparel News. We were able to discuss not only the trends we see coming but the mission behind  Inherent Clothier as well. We’re here because we love our mission, and being able to spread our message means the world to us. Everyone deserves to feel special and experience the boost of self-confidence that comes with a brand new, custom-made suit.

Here’s a snippet from the feature, which you can read yourself here.

With the horizons of suiting seemingly pressed harder in a world where more people work from home, Draper said that suiting should play an even bolder role in style.

“Back in the day, we rebelled by not wearing suits,” he said. “Now we wear suits to rebel.”

Draper is wearing his beliefs on his sleeves. In May, he co-founded a suiting company called Inherent Clothier. It offers made-to-measure suiting for what Draper said were approachable price points ranging from $600 to $960.

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C=heck out the article above, take a look at our suits, and experience the rebellion of a custom suit.

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