Dressing for Wellness: Episode 9

In this episode of Dressing for Wellness, Taylor (Inherent Clothier CEO) and Steven (Art Director) talk to Eduardo Xavier of European Custom Tailor. They discuss the importance of hats, how to cultivate your personal style, the importance of travel in understanding your style and communicating with other people, and more. Eduardo also shares his perspective on building your personal image, and how that has an inextricable relationship to your mental health.

custom men's suits

Episode Highlights:

  • Eduardo has been doing custom tailoring for the past 13 years, and had a background in personal shopping before then.
  • He has found that men have typically needed extra help in dressing themselves well.
  • Eduardo thinks one of his greatest strengths is his experience living in so many countries and therefore having a better understanding of people.
  • The quality of a suit has less of an impact than overall styling does.
  • He always styles with hats, and teaches people how to wear different types of hats and how to pull them off.
  • One of Eduardo’s style inspirations is the British model David Gandy.
  • More than people, Eduardo is inspired by fabrics.
  • Eduardo’s advice to someone looking to develop their personal menswear style is to explore Instagram, but understand your body and look for models with similar bodies to yours.
  • Exploration is key to figuring out your style.
  • Eduardo doesn’t feel like himself when he isn’t dressed in nice clothes; he only owns nice clothes! And he doesn’t dress for others, he dresses for himself.
  • Styling has to do with your overall image—as you learn about yourself and what you like and what image of yourself you want to show the world, the world starts to notice and perceives you differently, which reflects back to you whether that’s the image you want to have.

Notable quotes:

  • “Brands started doing custom tailoring on the side, so the competition became bigger. Which I think is great for us, great for everyone, great for the industry.” –Eduardo Xavier
  • “One thing that gives me more inspiration—you look at fabrics. Looking at fabrics. For me, it’s the most inspiring thing.” –Eduardo Xavier
  • “The more I saw, the more I understood who I was. The same thing with styling. The more you see, the more you get your hands on it, the more you’re going to find out.” –Eduardo Xavier

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