Dressing for Wellness: Episode 4

In this episode of Dressing for Wellness, our CEO Taylor Draper sits down with Ben Phillips for a fun episode of our podcast.

The two discuss a wide array of subjects, from Jiu-Jitsu, tattoos in the sartorial world, and the importance behind having tough conversations about mental health. Check out a snippet from the episode, and watch the full episode below.

dressing for wellness 2

“I‘m a big dude with tattooed hands, so I always tried to be as smart as I possibly can, you know? So I make sure my shoes are shined, I always wear a tie when we’re not on lockdown. Yeah it helps like flick a switch in my head to just be ready for the day ahead. I think if you’re wearing any items of clothing that make you feel good or that, you know, if you look in the mirror and you go ‘yeah that’s great’ and that could be anything. That could be like tailoring, to someone else that might be like a Supreme hoodie or a nice tracksuit. Whatever it is, clothing definitely has the ability to up your state of mind you know make you feel better and to an extent, it is like an armor that will help you get through things.”

– Ben Phillips

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