Dressing for Wellness: Episode 11

In this episode of Dressing for Wellness, Taylor (Inherent Clothier CEO) talks to Richard Taylor, owner of Harrison Blake Apparel. Started back in 2014, Harrison Blake had humble beginnings, only producing lapel pens and small accessories. Now, Richard creates high-quality custom suits that give their buyers inherent confidence that they can take to the other parts of their lives!

custom men's suits

Episode Highlights:

  • Richard started Harrison Blake Apparel back in 2014
  • Harrison Blake started small, but over 6 years has grown to create many custom accessories and suits
  • The long-term goal of the business is to pass it onto his kids
  • Richard likes the English, French, and Italian styles when putting together his custom suits
  • The opportunity to get creative with the idea in someone’s head is what drew Richard to this business
  • Getting a dream suit allows people to awaken their inherent confidence
  • Life experience has shown Richard that people respond to you differently when you are wearing a suit
  • Productivity goes up when you can get into that mindset of getting ready to take on the world
  • Their is a direct correlation between how you dress and how productive you make your day
  • COVID has forced Richard, and other business owners, to pivot their businesses in order to survive
  • A lot of education and interviews are needed to bring awareness to what changes have been made due to the pandemic
  • Since 2015, Harrison Blake has offered a monthly prescription club
  • Surprisingly to Richard, his side hustle of producing lapel pens has turned into a full-blown business
  • It affects you as a person when you dress well. It’s very visible to other people.
  • Dressing well not only affects you, but also the people in your community in a positive fashion
  • Staying conscious about how you dress before you leave your house will add intentionality to your daily routine


3 Key Points

  1. Richard is very family-oriented, and because of that he actually named his with the first and middle names of his son, Harrison Blake.
  2. The mental health aspect of dressing confidently and confidently dressing can help the users bring that confidence to other areas of their lives.
  3. The impact that a new-found confidence from dressing better has on the other people in your community will cause people to look up to you.
  4. The assumptions made about you will be based off of how you dress

Notable quotes:

  • “We try to have the looks appear as if you could walk out of a time machine and go back into time and nobody would turn their head and look at you.” – Richard Taylor
  • “If you bring your A-game, the sky’s the limit in family, in business, in relationships. Anything’s possible.” – Richard Taylor
  • “You can take any of our packages and put that with your basic staples and really look like you know what you’re doing.” – Richard Taylor
  • “People are going to make assumptions about you based on how you are dressed, whether you like it or not.” – Richard Taylor

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